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May 25, 2023

If you’re feeling turned off, tuned out, or shut down - it’s definitely time you put some attention on crafting your Bitch. 

Let’s talk about how to be a better Bitch!

In today’s episode, Chief Mersur Muse, Stylist & lead architect for top Bitches, Sarah Shirley, joins me for a Better Bitch Workshop as we get into how to design & craft your Bitch to be the best she can be. These Big Bitch tips will take you from simply talking the Bitch talk to actually walking the Bitch walk in no time!

Ready to get your Certified Bitch certificate? Let’s get into it!

We’re exploring:

  • The real steps to actually becoming a better Bitch
  • Sarah’s story of self-sabotage around an interaction with her neighbor’s disempowered Bitch
  • Empowered Bitch rules for confrontation
  • How to craft your own unique, integrated, and empowered Bitch
  • Expressing large emotions, the patriarchal double-bind & how to stop hiding!
  • And more



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