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Apr 6, 2023

Women in particular are trained in perfection from birth (it’s true, my Witches)!!

Our looks, behavior, and even our homes, are supposed to be in perfect order. And definitely don’t let anyone see you come undone, or else…


In today’s episode, I’m diving into the perfection trap & how to examine what is driving your standards (and shame!) so you can flip that bitch and actively STOP the internalized voice of perfection to accept that you’re more than enough just the way you are. 

I’m exploring:

  • How to examine the role “perfection conditioning” is playing in your life (and how to flip that bitch!)
  • Feeling shame after getting some negative Instagram feedback around perfection & professionalism - and how I’m dealing with it
  • The concept of perfection as a training mechanism
  • How perfection could be keeping you stuck (and what to do about it)
  • And more


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