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Mar 9, 2023

Mother nature is kicking our ass on Witch Mountain, Bitches! 

It’s an unprecedented storm and my sexy Whoracle ass is getting a snow plow & hiking through feet of snow just to get groceries!! But you know what is pretty f-ing amazing? Watching my community take care of each other, and at the same time, exercising my self-reliance muscle. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing some more of my crazy experience in the (now 2-week long) Snowpocalypse on Witch Mountain and how it’s teaching me about community connection, radical self-reliance & stepping into our most powerful fucking version of ourselves. 

I’m exploring:

  • The harmony of radical self-reliance & community connection during the snowpocalypse
  • Connecting to an energy greater than you & elevating the collective consciousness
  • Why I made “Amy’s Big Book of No”
  • Watching the Law of Cause and Effect play out on Witch Mountain
  • And more

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