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Mar 10, 2022

Get ready for the distinction, bitches. Angelisa is a fucking genius and today she’s spilling the tea on all things feminine energy, mommy and daddy issues and how to use your emotions as a compass when navigating relationships. Let’s flip the perspective on your dysfunctional spiral, release you from needing to be saved, and take the pressure OFF your dating game so you can finally notice AND stay in a healthy relationship when it arrives, okay?


We’re exploring:

  • The thing I did that Angelisa’s most successful clients have done
  • LITERALLY what feminine is and how it shows up in your relationship
  • The magical transformation that’s possible for you when you choose to NOT to sit in the victim village 
  • A practice you need to do for a powerful, growth-filled and expansive relationship with an amazing person
  • What the healthy masculine can look like and how this helps YOU when you spiral 
  • The ONE area men need to be trained on (and no, it’s not saving us!!)
  • Mommy issues vs. Daddy issues and the difference in how YOU react in your relationships
  • And SO much more!


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