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Oct 7, 2021

Do you want to hear about some of the legendary Women who have helped shape me into The Whoracle™ of the Fempire called Witch Bitch Whore? I am SO grateful for their teachings, and I wanted to honor their dedication to their craft in this episode. This week, I am diving into the 5 extraordinary Women who have helped me evolve into my true, authentic, badass self—because I wouldn’t be doing any of this reclamation work without their guidance!


I’m exploring:

  • Why normalizing Witch, Bitch, and Whore is so important to me
  • How my unbalanced Bitch was sabotaging my relationships (and what straightened my ass up!)
  • One of the MOST important women who influenced me as The Whoracle
  • The mind-blowing experience of hearing my first divine guidance—and who it led me to!
  • And much more!

Connect with the 5 amazing Women featured in this episode:

Rev. Briana Lynn:

Layla Martin:

Iyanla Vanzant:

Julia Wells:

Angelisa Greene:

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