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Aug 19, 2021

From not enough Bitch to too much Bitch, ALL women can find a better balance at my Bitch Rehab. What are you scaredy Witches waiting for? In this episode, I’m sharing why the MOST common way we think of Bitch is repressing our power, reclaiming & redirecting your inner Bitch, and how my upcoming Bitch Rehab can help you accept the fuck out of yourself and change your life!

I’m exploring:

  • Why you NEED to do to step forward into your Bitch power 
  • My TOP TIPS for getting into the vibe of writing content (because it's not always easy to get creative!)
  • How to harness the Fire energy of Bitch
  • The thing I see MOST in women who struggle to balance their inner Bitch
  • And so much more!


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