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Aug 24, 2023

55Coaching is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to lay your bricks, Bitches!!

In this episode, Marisa Hunter (aka The Rainbow Stallion) joins me for a real talk about building a coaching business as we discuss some of our mistakes and the Big Bitch business lessons we’ve learned along the way. We’re diving into what it means to put safety first in your business, making judicious investments during the 3 different phases of business, and how we can inspire each other to be audacious while still creating foundations that can sustain. 

Ready to wake the fuck up to the real process of creating your business, my little Witch??

We’re exploring: 

  • The Whoracle™ & The Rainbow Stallion’s Big Bitch business lessons
  • How to actually get rich with a coaching business
  • What I wish people had told me about podcasting
  • Some REAL talk on investment & the real numbers behind being a coach
  • Dealing with the head games of growth & contraction
  • Safety First - why you need to address this in your coaching business
  • And more


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