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Apr 29, 2021

I’m Amy. I’m the Whoracle and I want to welcome you to the Fempire! I’m a Female Liberation Artist and I am creating a business named after three of the worst things they call women. Witch. Bitch. Whore. Why? Because I believe that these are the most denigrated aspects of the Female form of God aka Goddess. This is where our greatest power lies. Hidden where we have been most afraid to look. I invite you to step forward and reclaim your power. How does it make you feel to be called a Witch? A Bitch? A Whore? On this very first episode of The Whoracle™ Speaks: A Witch Bitch Whore™ Podcast, I’m giving you a bit of my origin story and diving into the mission & purpose behind what I am creating, how I became The Whoracle, and what YOU can do to empower & liberate yourself so you can live the life of your wildest dreams and elevate your vibration. Because I believe when women feel safe and free, it will be a way sexier planet!

I’m exploring:

  • What it looks like for a woman to own (and call herself) Witch, Bitch, and Whore all at the same time
  • The STAGGERING amount of women I believe are not free—and what censorship has to do with it
  • Crazy shit I did on my journey to becoming The Whoracle 
  • The power (and terror) of claiming a word
  • What it REALLY means to be a Witch Bitch Whore
  • The difference between internal and external reclamation (and why both are pathways to liberate yourself!)
  • And so much more!

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