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May 4, 2023

The Bitches are back!!! Sarah Shirley joins me again this week to dive in for Bitch 2.0!

In today’s episode, Sarah and I discuss integrating your bitch, how to use your empowered Bitch tools (vs. disempowered Bitch tools) for power instead of distraction, and how you can take more conscious inspired actions toward your juiciest Witch Bitch Whore™ goals. 

We’re exploring:

  • Integrating what it means to be a Bitch
  • The activities of Witch vs. Bitch vs. Whore
  • Empowered vs. disempowered Bitch focus
  • How to make sure your Bitch power tools are integrated so you can use them for good!
  • Avoiding using domination & manipulation or it being used against you
  • Procrastination as a tool
  • And more


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