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Apr 20, 2023

Your Bitch won’t be liked by everyone - but you better make sure that YOU like her!!

Let’s talk about being the Bitch you want to see in the world!

In today’s episode, I talk all things Bitch with Empress Sarah Shirley. Sarah is a classical, balanced, reformed Bitch who hired me after seeing me in red hooker boots, and we talk all about that Bitch energy that lured her in. Ready to dive into the multifaceted Bitch and how to harness her energy & embody her power?

We’re exploring:

  • The classical, balanced & beautiful Bitch
  • “Bitch Checking” & exploring where the energy of your Bitch is coming from
  • One of the KEY qualities of being a Bitch
  • Bitchiness as an energy, not an action
  • And more


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