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Apr 13, 2023

When you need to clean up a big mess in your life or something massive happens and it just seems too overwhelming - how are you choosing to interpret shit?

 In other words, what is your squirrel story? (Don’t worry, we’ll get into wtf that means.) 

In today’s episode, I share TWO Big Bitch lessons on The Law of Cause & Effect that were inspired by the recent winter workshop I accidentally signed up for during a blizzard. I share an educational story about snow removal on a large scale (and how this can help you explore the tools & methods you need to handle BIG shit) & a profound lesson about nature that I learned from a squirrel. You don’t want to miss it.  

I’m exploring:

  • The Law of Cause & Effect and my 2 Big Bitch lessons about it
  • Understanding the seasons and the power of the elements
  • Exploring the tools & methods you should use to clean up a mess in your life
  • The meaning of the dead squirrel
  • And more


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