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Feb 23, 2023

Why can’t I fully express myself?

Why can’t I set healthy boundaries?

Why can’t I embody the version of me that’s the most authentic?

It’s the poisonous p’s, Bitches!!

I know that stepping out of the programming of the poisonous p’s is a BIG deal & it’s not easy, but once you really take a look at how the poisonous p’s are operating in your life, you’ll know it’s time to deprogram that shit!!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into how to deprogram yourself from the poisonous p’s by flipping a bitch and using them as a filter to see how they’re holding you back. Ready for the tools you need to deprogram the p’s and lean into the powerful bitch b’s instead?

I’m exploring:

  • How to deprogram from the poisonous p’s so you can show up authentically as the big bitch you are!

  • My thoughts on the patriarchy & teachings on polarity

  • Some of the consequences of not adhering to the poisonous p’s

  • Using the poisonous p’s as a filter to understand why we respond a certain way & how it could be holding you back

  • And more


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