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Dec 15, 2022

Guess what bitches?? There are 2 witches on Witch Mountain today as Rev. Briana Lynn joins me in person for today’s episode!! We’re diving into why we are declaring 2023 the year of the bitch! 

Join us for this special episode as two bitches sit and have a chat about bitches! We cover juicy topics of personalizing your bitch reclamation, toxic femininity & its contribution to the patriarchy, disordered eating, and so much more around shifting the paradigm for female-identifying people in the world. Ready to activate your power bitch and find out what happens when you are freed from your domestication & domination? Let’s talk all things BITCH. 

We’re exploring:

  • Why 2023 is the year of the bitch & how to personalize YOUR reclamation of bitch
  • What to do when your bitch comes out sideways (you’re not alone here!!)
  • Toxic femininity & determining if we are contributing to the patriarchy
  • Bitch BDE & learning to control the FIRE of bitch
  • The Bitch Bomb - how these happen & how to avoid them
  • Learning to growl - fighting misogyny - holding our boundaries 
  • The Bitch v. The Bitchiness
  • And more


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