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Dec 8, 2022

Hollywood celebrity trainer Kimberley Dashiell is coming out as a body whisperer & intuitive on today’s episode of The Whoracle Speaks™!!

I invite the amazing Kimberly, a fitness strategist & coach with 42 years of experience, to have a juicy conversation with me about fitness in Hollywood (we both spent decades in the industry), the body image bullshit women have to put up with, and how she is shifting the industry by bringing intuition and body reading to her work in fitness. Join us for the fitness revolution and to hear how she is helping people live stronger, more balanced, and more orgasmic (yes, it’s true!) lives. 

We’re exploring:

  • Kimberley’s work as a trainer in Hollywood (and some juicy, surprising stories!)
  • How she is combining her 42 years of fitness experience with her intuition to provide a powerful experience for her clients
  • Why the women who work out with her are having better orgasms!!
  • The BIGGEST differences in her work vs. a “normal” trainer
  • Body image, eating disorders & the body positivity movement
  • The witchiest thing she has ever seen in the fitness world
  • And more


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