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Mar 3, 2022

Are you tired of playing the dating app game, searching, swiping and showing up as your best self for dates, only to end up back at square one? I can not WAIT for you to hear the magic and wisdom from our special guest, my coach, Angelisa Greene. She is the embodiment of love and knows more about love than anyone that I have ever met. Hiring her was one of the biggest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Today we will discuss EVERYTHING from inside my dating journey to what YOU need to know about breaking through vulnerability to get to your lasting transformation. Ready to become the biggest love and abundance magnet? 


We’re exploring:

  • Why being fragile and crazy might be a good thing on an emotional and spiritual level
  • How we’re taught to apologize for being exceptional and why this is ALL wrong
  • The rebirthing process that can happen when hiring a Dating Coach and how it’s EVERYTHING
  • Why an intimate connection requires a certain amount of death 
  • How the cornerstone of healthy intimacy is transformation and what you can do about it
  • Exactly WHY Amy was one of Angelisa’s BEST students ever
  • How learning to play in your feminine energy is going to help you escape your old conditioning 
  • The truth about breaking free from the chemical dependency that’s rampant in your dating life
  • How the script of who we THINK we are and how we are presenting ourselves on the first date is BS (and self-sabotaging) 
  • And SO much more! 

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