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Nov 25, 2021

I am finally in a place where I can celebrate building this Fempire from the ground up. So, how the fuck did I get here? I have done A LOT from the pandemic to now, and I can't wait to share this creation journey with you. Listen now to hear how I took action on my mission as The Whoracle™, why I can kick the doors open of ANY launch (and how I got this confident!), and what I was able to achieve when I got out of my own way. 


I’m exploring:

  • How a $1 launch challenge gave me the confidence to sell (and upsell!)
  • The spontaneous origins of the Pussy Rave—and why I think forming relationships is a lost art form
  • Why you have to be READY to come work with me (and what this looks like)
  • How I SOLD OUT my 1:1 launches 3 times
  • All the details about my upcoming Mastermind for Bitches who are ready to show the fuck up and get your message out there
  • A shout out to some of the badass women who’ve supported Witch BItch Whore™ 
  • And much more!


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