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Oct 28, 2021

2017 was the year I finally woke up, started living, and set myself free from the constraints of the Western corporate world. Want to know how it happened? In this episode, I’m diving into how a workshop on Tantra Island started me on the path to enlightenment, allowed me to reconnect to nature & love myself again, and ultimately became the foundation for the transformational work I do now. 


I’m exploring:


  • How traveling made me feel ALIVE (and why I wanted to capture this feeling at home, too)
  • Why it’s called Tantra Island
  • What I learned about the power (and freedom!) of transformational dance with Daisy K.
  • Daisy’s 5 elements of dance (and what I learned about embodying them)
  • Masculine and feminine energy through the 5 elements
  • How to let your experiences stand alone so you can learn from them
  • What it really means to be a FREE woman
  • And much more!


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