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Jul 6, 2023

This Bitch is in service of transformation. And sometimes that means I need to take a sacred pause & recalibrate.

Today, I’m diving into all you need to know about the Pussy Rave, the sacred pause and revival of WBW & the 25 Witch Bitch Whore™ codes you need to unleash the energy, potency & power of your freest self. 

I’m exploring:

  • The magic of the Pussy Rave and why you need to treat this Full Moon Ritual as a medicine ceremony so you can get activated as f*ck (in the best possible way)
  • Introducing 25 powerful WBW™ “codes” you need to know cause I’m about to start talking about them 
  • Why I am pausing and recalibrating and what that means for Witch Bitch Whore™
  • And more, cause I know you want more


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